The Best Of The Best

Aliya Dhalla

If you've been following us on Instagram, you may have seen some posts or our Instastory about that time our Clean Candles were featured on The Social! We LOVE our candles and are so proud of the clean burn, strong scent profile, and beautiful packaging of Clean Candle no.1 and no.2. When we learned that they were chosen to be featured as part of the Mother's Day Gift Guide this year, we were thrilled! We got down to work hand-crafting enough candles for each audience member to take home, and started to get really excited about going to the show as...

The Rise of Natural Beauty

Mabrook & Co.

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Eco and natural beauty may have started as hippie trends, but all evidence shows they’re here to stay and moving more into mainstream discourse everyday. Once tucked away on dusty health food store shelves, today we’re seeing healthy beauty and home products pop up everywhere – mass retailers like Target, luxury stores like Nordstrom, and dedicated boutiques like The Truth Beauty Company and The Cure Apothecary. It’s exciting to see green and natural beauty flourishing!At Mabrook & Co., we think natural products are fantastic, but we don’t believe in choosing them because you feel like you “should” or out of...

Our Products Are Always Free of Synthetic Fragrance – Here’s Why

Mabrook & Co.

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Both Health Canada and the FDA consider fragrance to be a trade secret, which means that companies aren’t actually required to tell you what they’re using.  Some 3000 fragrance components – both naturally-derived and synthetic -- are used in fragrances and seeing just ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ listed on an ingredients label can be a catch-all for hundreds of individual chemicals!   Synthetic fragrance has been linked to allergies, migraines, asthma, hormone imbalances, kidney problems, and even cancer, but it’s still present in countless cosmetics and household fragrance products.  We’ve never used synthetic fragrance at Mabrook & Co., and when we...

Why Natural Deodorant?

Mabrook & Co.

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Here at Mabrook & Co., we’re on a mission to #CleanUpYourLife, starting with your deodorant.  We’re firm believers in educating yourself and having the necessary information to make informed decisions about your life and your health.  No one wants to deal with funky body odor, but how you go about preventing it is worth some serious consideration.  Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants are a mixed bag of controversial chemicals and additives designed to mask B.O. and, often, stop you from sweating entirely. Problem is, sweating is not only how the body regulates temperature, it’s also is one of the key ways...