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The Best Of The Best

If you've been following us on Instagram, you may have seen some posts or our Instastory about that time our Clean Candles were featured on The Social! We LOVE our candles and are so proud of the clean burn, strong scent profile, and beautiful packaging of Clean Candle no.1 and no.2. When we learned that they were chosen to be featured as part of the Mother's Day Gift Guide this year, we were thrilled! We got down to work hand-crafting enough candles for each audience member to take home, and started to get really excited about going to the show as part of the live, in-studio audience!
Style expert Meredith Shaw highlighted a handful of amazing gifts for Mother's Day, including an amazing pair of metallic sneakers (why did my toddler not gift them to me for Mother's Day??), a wine glass that can't be knocked over (again...why did my toddler not gift that to me??), and our Clean Candles. She described them as "the best of the best" and we found ourselves blushing!! Meredith totally got the point of our Clean Candles and loves them for the same reasons we do - they are small-batch, hand-poured, and scented with essential oils; they smell amazing and are completely safe to have burning around your house.  
Check out the clip here - our Clean Candles make their debut around the 4:30 mark.
After the show, we got to meet co-hosts Melissa Grelo and Marci Ien. They were just as sweet, funny, and kind in person as they are on air and we tried really hard not to fan-girl...and failed :)
That day will go down in Mabrook & Co. history as the first (of hopefully many!) national TV mentions and a great way to spend a Monday in May. 
Thanks so much for reading!
- Aliya Dhalla, Founder

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