The Rise of Natural Beauty

Eco and natural beauty may have started as hippie trends, but all evidence shows they’re here to stay and moving more into mainstream discourse everyday. Once tucked away on dusty health food store shelves, today we’re seeing healthy beauty and home products pop up everywhere – mass retailers like Target, luxury stores like Nordstrom, and dedicated boutiques like The Truth Beauty Company and The Cure Apothecary. It’s exciting to see green and natural beauty flourishing!

At Mabrook & Co., we think natural products are fantastic, but we don’t believe in choosing them because you feel like you “should” or out of fear.

Here’s 4 reasons why we love natural products (including our natural deodorant!) so much:

  1. Natural Products Help You Become an Empowered Consumer – Educating ourselves about ingredients empowers everyone to become more conscious shoppers and allows for better informed choices about what goes on and in our bodies.
  2. Choosing Natural Ingredients Minimizes Exposure to Potentially Harmful Ingredients – There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, but it’s no stretch to say that many conventional personal care ingredients have, at a minimum, the potential of harm. Whether those dangers are conclusive or not, why risk it? Natural plant-based ingredients are often healthier options than the petroleum-derived and synthetic ingredients that are so prevalent in conventional products. 
  3. Natural Ingredients are Better for the Environment – Everything you put on your body inevitably gets washed down the drain and ends up in our oceans and lakes. That can be either a neutral thing in the case of something like biodegradable castile soap, or it can become a serious environmental problem like the plastic microbeads that are currently being phased out in the US and Canada. Beyond just clean ingredients, look for companies that prioritize organic ingredient sourcing and environmental sustainability. 
  4. Buying Natural Means Supporting Small Businesses – A recent evaluation found that a mere 7 companies own the majority of conventional beauty brands on shelves today. Big business has its place, but when you shop for natural products, you’re frequently putting your money towards small entrepreneurs and family-run businesses, not mega-corporations and conglomerates.

Life is all about moderation. Whether you want to switch out a single product or your entire cabinet, we think that’s great. Sustainable long-term changes – both small and large – are the way to go!

-Caitie Anisman-Reiner

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