What are your products made of?

    Our products are made from all natural and organic ingredients and do not contain any parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, toxins, synthetic fragrance, or other chemicals. 


    How do I use your natural deodorant?

      Simply put, you use our Clean Deodorant the same way you would use your drugstore anti-perspirant/deodorant that you may already be used to.  We've packaged it in a stick to make the experience as familiar and convenient as possible! Just apply a small amount (about 2 swipes) to clean + dry underarms and allow some time for it to absorb for maximal efficacy & the cleanest experience. 


      Is your natural deodorant an anti-perspirant?

        No, our Clean Deodorant is not an anti-perspirant, so it will not stop you from sweating entirely.  Your body will need some time to adjust to a cleaner alternative - one without harsh chemicals and dangerous toxins.  You may find that you're sweatier or stinkier when you first transition, but be patient - your body will ultimately adjust.


        I am sensitive to baking soda; do you have a natural deodorant that doesn't contain this ingredient?

          Yes! Our Sensitive Clean Deodorant is formulated without baking soda and is unscented; we've added organic shea butter as well for an ultra moisturizing experience.  


          How long will one stick of your natural deodorant last?

            Each 90g stick of Clean Deodorant lasts approximately 2 months with daily use.  


            Will your natural deodorant stain my clothes?

              Our Clean Deodorant has a base of organic coconut oil, which means that it can mark clothing if used in excess or if clothes are put on before the product has time to be absorbed by the body. To prevent this, we recommend following the tips in the "How do I use your natural deodorant" section above - apply a very small amount of product and make sure it is absorbed into your body before putting on your clothes. Avoiding tight fitting clothing and synthetic materials will also help prevent stains.  

              What is so great about the Clean Dry Shampoo?
                Our Clean Dry Shampoo contains some amazing ingredients which work to actually strengthen and improve the condition of your hair and scalp while absorbing oil and dirt.  It's a powerhouse product that both refreshes and nourishes! It is a finely milled powder that is great for light and dark hair. It won 2nd place in the Clean Beauty Awards in 2017!
                I've never used a dry shampoo in powder form like yours. How do I use it?
                  There are a few ways to use our Clean Dry Shampoo. You can pour some into one
                  hand and use the fingers of your other hand to sprinkle the powder close to your roots and along the areas you'd like to refresh. Then, massage the powder into your scalp and hair or brush it through and style as usual. Another effective way is to apply a liberal amount to your roots before you go to bed; when you wake up, the powder will be absorbed and dispersed and your hair will be refreshed and ready to style!
                  What is the Clean Spray?
                    Our Clean Spray is a multi-purpose aromatherapy spray which is alcohol free. It was designed to simplify your life while providing the benefits of aromatherapy wherever and whenever you need. Spray in the air, on your linens or clothes, or on your body (as a mist or as a deodorant) or face (psst: BLOOM is a perfect facial toner!). The possibilities are truly endless.
                    Where are you located?
                      We are based in Toronto, Canada in the amazing neighbourhood of Parkdale.
                      Are your prices in Canadian or US dollars?
                        We are Canadian and our store operates in the Canadian dollar. You do have the option to see prices in US dollars while you browse - just click the tiny map of the USA on the top right hand corner of the page.  Please note that at checkout, the price you see will be Canadian dollars. 
                        How can I get in touch with you?
                          We love to hear from you! Send us a note at hello@mabrookandco.com.
                          When will my order ship?
                            We strive to ship each order out within 4 days.  Once your order leaves our studio, it's in the hands of Canada Post and USPS; delivery times vary based on location and shipping options available. 
                            Where do you ship to?
                              *NEW* We now ship within North America and to 44 countries Internationally!
                              How much is shipping?
                                We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75 (before taxes and discounts) within NORTH AMERICA.We offer $7.50 flat rate shipping within Canada and $5.00 flat rate shipping within the US for orders under $75.00. We also offer $20 FLAT RATE INTERNATIONAL shipping to 44 countries including Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  
                                All shipments are tracked. Customs/duties/taxes are the responsibility of the customer. We ship via Canada Post, USPS and Asendia (International).
                                Where can I buy Mabrook & Co. products?
                                  Take a look at our "Where To Buy" page to find a stockist/retailer near you. Is there somewhere you think our products would be a great fit? Drop us a line at hello@mabrookandco.com