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Love Letters

"...what really blew my mind I think was the length of time in which it kept my underarm aroma balanced. At the end of the day I was pretty much smelling as fresh as I did when I first put it on." - Sonja, Life In Blush (read the full review here)


"Finding a clean deodorant can be a dirty business. I seriously can’t count how many natural deodorants I’ve tried that just didn’t work or failed me at critical moments. Mabrook & Co. solves both problems for me though, by creating a solid deodorant that keeps me smelling fresh ALL day!" - Molly, Maison Pur (read the full review here)


"I've been using the all-natural Mabrook & Co. Vanilla & Mint Clean Deodorant for just over a week and I can confirm that I still have a boyfriend, so I can't smell that bad. I even go to hot yoga a few times a week and a lot of sweating happens there, and still no complaining!" Emily, What Emily Said (read the full review here)


"Finally - an all-natural deodorant that actually works!  I turned to Mabrook & Co. when I was pregnant and wanted a non-toxic alternative to my drugstore deodorant.  This Clean Deodorant has now become my new permanent deodorant.  I can feel confident and fresh despite chasing a toddler all day, nursing a newborn all night, and going a day (perhaps two!) without a shower.  As a new mom I have no time for experimenting with different products; I'm so glad I found a brand I can trust." - N.K.


"This is the first natural deodorant that I've used that actually works.  I can go to the gym and get super sweaty and it still works.  I've tried several other all natural deodorants and found that they just didn't have any effect, until I tried this.  It's great and it also smells nice!" - Michel Schofield  


"There are a lot of all natural products in today's market that promise a variety of let downs - I am so pleased to say that the Clean Deodorant by Mabrook & Co. is not one of them! I will admit I was a little bit nervous the first morning I tried it, asking myself how could something so natural keep me feeling clean? But it did.  At the end of the day, I felt confident.  Now I am a user, a believer, and an advocate."  - Kathryn Glinski


"Finally, a deodorant that is made with ingredients you can find in your pantry.  It smells great and works great! Thank you for making this fabulous product, it is not only good for you, it is great for the environment and society as well." - R.D.